Session 1 – Teamwork Challenge (Mandatory)

Session 1 brings the class together for the first time, breaking the ice and exploring team building and leadership skills. There are group and individual challenges.

Session 2 – Identifying Leadership Styles (Mandatory)

Session 2 is held with students and parents and provides further orientation to the program. Personality styles are identified. Students with their parents reflect on there composite of four personality styles and how different personalities effect influence and working with successful teams.

MANDATORY , plus one or both parents are invited.

Objective: Orientation of the PYL program and identification of different personality styles and how they interplay with one another.

Session 3 – Exploring Effective Leadership

Session 3 helps students begin to understand what makes an effective leader. Students will explore different leadership styles and learn how all leadership styles can be effective leaders.

Objective: Define effective leadership and understand that leadership is complicated

Session 4 – More Alike Than Different

Working together with different leadership styles and in different leadership roles. Students gain understanding that even though we differ as leaders and individuals, we can be very alike in goals, shared purpose and desires.

Objective: Explore differences among people and how to effectively navigate those differences

Session 5 – Developing my Future

Students explore how a community and its leaders work together with a variety of entities – business, education, arts, healthcare – to build and sustain a thriving community. Students will gain an understanding of how they can have an impact on the future.

Objective: What does my future hold for me and how can I begin envisioning my future self?

Session 6 – Caring for Our Community

Not all community members are as fortunate as others. Students will learn how a community, its leaders, and citizens, can care for each other and the overall community. Students will explore the role of health and social services in the community.

Objective: Explore community needs, share community resources and inspire action

Session 7 – My Rights and Responsibilities as a Leader

Students gain an understanding of how our community is governed and supported by exploring the roles and challenges facing our elected leaders and leaders of our city services such as fire and police.

Objective: What is my role as a leader, constituent and participant in the community?

Session 8 – My Decisions Reflect on Me – “Plano After Dark”

Students will experience and discuss the intersection of self and community and the way decisions can impact both.

Objective: Prompt, empower and inspire participants to action after PYL

Session 9 – Graduation

Students will reflect on the PYL leadership journey and what the future holds.

Objective: Reflect on program experiences and celebrate completion of the program