Congratulations PYL Class 25!

I was a member of the Plano Youth Leadership class this year, and it has left a profound impact on my life despite it being cut short due to COVID-19. Thank you for opening my eyes to all aspects of my community, and teaching me how to be a successful leader while still being myself. Through this program, I made many friends across Plano that share my motivation to lead and be involved in my community, which is at times, hard for me to find in some people my own age. Thank you for putting so much time and effort into such an amazing experience for teenagers like me who want to do something important for the world around them, by expanding our horizons, teaching us how to lead,and to be ourselves in leadership positions. I have become so much more confident in my ability to lead people, whether it’s a project at school, an organization I am a part of, or even among my friends. This program made me see the opportunities that lie in front of me, and that I can seize them if I work hard and apply the numerous skills I learned this year.

Thank you so much for this astounding opportunity,

Emma Coleman.

Plano Youth Leadership

Plano Youth Leadership develops confidence and provides the knowledge necessary to help students succeed in leadership positions. Participants gain an understanding of the local community and his or her place in it. They realize common ground despite their diverse student backgrounds and find service opportunities around the community through informative and interactive presentations.

Students are trained in leadership techniques and community awareness preparing them to make a positive impact on the quality of life in their community’s future. The program familiarizes students with current issues, community resources, opportunities, and other factors influencing the direction of their community. They meet with officials such a the Mayor and Chief of Police and work with other local education and business leaders to develop individual leadership skills.


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Our Mission

Plano Youth Leadership provides high school sophomores with diverse experiences that inspire lifelong leadership development and community involvement.

Our Vision

Plano Youth Leadership graduates learn more, become more, accomplish more.

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About PYL

Since 1995, Plano Youth Leadership has empowered more than 735 local young people with the tools and confidence they need to make well-informed life choices and to position themselves as leaders in their communities. PYL is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing leadership training to 10th grade students living in the city limits of Plano or are served by PISD. Thirty-six students are selected to participate in the year long program designed to broaden their leadership horizons. Sessions include fun, interactive monthly meetings on a wide variety of topics – from team building to volunteer opportunities to local government.

Program Structure

Plano Youth Leadership accepts applications in the Spring for the following year’s program. Students who are currently enrolled in the 9th grade are eligible to apply for the following year class if they reside in the city limits or Plano or are served by PISD, whether attending public school (PISD or non-PISD), private school or home school.

Each application goes through a rigorous selection process and thirty-six students, making up a cross section of the community, are selected to participate. Students are required to attend the first two sessions and subsequent monthly sessions totaling nine sessions beginning with the ropes course and wrapping up with Graduation.

The one-time tuition fee is $200 and need-based scholarships are available.

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“A Unique Opportunity!”

The Plano Youth Leadership program has offered my children a unique opportunity not only to learn more about the community in which they’ve been raised, but also to learn about themselves. The insightful way they train and engage young leaders is unparalleled, and I am so grateful for the personal mentorship my kids both have enjoyed from the hands-on board which makes the program possible.

– Kelly Hunter

“An Incredible Foundation!”

Going through the Plano Youth Leadership program gave me an incredible foundation on which I continued to build leadership skills. It really set the course for the rest of my education and for the roles I’d assume later in life.

– Kelly Piland

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